Super Mario Bros. 3 The Rainbow Realms


This is the first product that I have purchased from this site, and I was really impressed! First off, the label is super high-quality. It actually looks better than the stickers Nintendo used for the NES and SNES.

Anyway, the game plays like a dream! To me, if feels almost like Nintendo themselves made this hack. The stages and puzzles are genius. This doesn't feel like a cheap hack at all. There was obviously a lot of forethought that went into designing a game that truly matches the original game in terms of creativity without it feeling too wacky or difficult.

Also, the graphics are absolutely beautiful. They didn't really change that much from the original game, but the choice of coloring is far superior than the original game which was designed way back in the 80s. Every world has its own unique vibe.

I am playing it on my AVS and it just looks beautiful in HD. Also, all of those old Game Genie codes work on this hack too.

In summary, if Nintendo could have made a DLC pack for Super Mario Bros 3 back in 1991, I am sure it would have been a lot like the Rainbow Realms. You must purchase this game!
Date Added: 01/31/2019 by Scott S.
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