Super Mario Bros 3 MIX


This is hands down the best rom hack I have ever played, if not one of the best NES games. I would say this game even rivals the original SMB3. It's basically a complete overhaul of the entire game and it incorporates all new mechanics, enemies, and even the plumber's dino sidekick yoshi. Toad is also a playable character this time through which adds a nice touch. The 7th world is incredible, it's like an 8 bit version of Mario Galaxy, it has the music, warp stars, anti gravity physics and even a few enemies from that game. The inclusion of star coins also adds a bit of added challenge which is a nice touch. It seems that flashback has added the patch to this version of the game so you wont have to worry about those nasty bugs. All-in-all I just cant do this game justice with mere words, you'd be crazy not to buy it!
Date Added: 02/06/2015 by Tristan Wendland
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