Yoshi's Strange Quest Complete Box Set

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This is the sequel to Mario's Strange Quest.  Picking up where Mario's Strange Quest left off, it turns out that the part where Yoshi's eggs hatched at the end of MSQ didn't actually hapen.  What really happened after Mario beat Bowser, rescued Yoshi's eggs from Bowser before they really hatched. So, Both Yoshi's do so and they find themselves in the land of Weirdonia. However, it seems that Bowser apparently insists on stealing Yoshi's eggs, since Yoshi's eggs again while Yoshi was oout shopping. Since Mario isn't around to help this time, Yoshi goesnout on the quest by himself to retrieve huis eggs. However, just like in MSQ, this is NOT your ordinary quest.  The land of Weirdonia is a strange land filled with bizarre gimmicks, wierd themes, and possibly jelly filled donuts and pizza.  Expect the unexpected during Yoshi's Journey.


This hack features

- 71 ALL NEW Levels with plenty of variety

- Customs Graphics

- Custom Music 

- Custom Storylline.


And, this Complete box set Features


- Yoshi's Strange Quest Cart

- Box

- Manual

- Yoshi poster

- Misc Poster

- Trading Cards

- Stickers





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