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For those of you that just love playing the games, and want to save money,  Flashback has designed and built a new 8 in 1 Multi cart that holds 8 complete RPG games with independant saving.  So each game saves completely, Just like it would if it were a single cartridge.    We put alot of thought into which games to add to the cart and have chosen the following to be included in this 8 in 1.  There is a seperate listing for those of you that want to customize your own 8 in1. PLEASE NOTE: That this Multi Cart utilizes the reset on an ACTUAL SNES system.  It wont work correctly on an aftermarket system.


Included on this cart are


- Earthbound Uncut

- Secret of Mana 2

- Treasure of Rudras

- Final Fantasy 6 Eternal Crystals

- Bahumet Lagoon

- Clock Tower

- Terranigma

- The Adventures of Hourai High



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