Hyper Iria

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The player gets to control a mercenary named Iria. Flying can also lead to a miniature shoot 'em up stage with unlimited ammunition. Within the game, the object is to disable the security system with her gun, her fists, or her kicks. The default primary weapon is a laser pistol; when that runs out, the player can punch as well as kick. Kicking is considered to be the player's secondary weapon. Secondary weapons include flying bombs and grenades. Literacy in Japanese is required to fully understand the game.

In addition to security systems, there are also robots to deal damage to as the player attempts to make their way around a labyrinth-like military base in addition to an urban[war zone without the luxury of having a map to backtrack through the player's mistakes. Iria, her robot companion Bob, and all the enemies have multiple frames of animation for a level of detail similar to that of an anime







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