Legend of Zelda Perils of Darkness

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Legend of Zelda Perils of Darness is truly an entirely new Zelda Experience.  One that is unrecognizable nex to the original gane.  This gamehad a lot of thought put into every aspect of it.  Months if editionb, testing and revising have been put into this game.  The Author of the game poured his heart into the game and it shows.

This game is very non-linear, as the dungeons are not numbered in quest 1.  The dungeons can be beaten in numerous random orders.  Any region can be explored from the start of the game and players can get a good advantage early on by venturing into certain areas first.  The second quest is the total opposite and is entirely linear.  There is no possible way to beat the dungeons out of order.  Just knowe that Wizzrobes and Darknuts are seen in the beginnin, then sve that dungeon for later on.  Play wisely, exploration can be rrewarding.


This game has a huge list of changes from the original.

  • Three Difficulty modes (Choose from dropdown menu below)
  • Completely revised graphics that push the NES to its limits
  • New regions in the game such as snow, Lava and Underwater
  • All new overworlds and secrets
  • 18 brand new dungeons
  • Secrets have minor visual queues now.  (Bombable walls have cracks , Etc)
  • NEW ITEM (Heart Pieces)
  • NEW SOUND EFFECTS (Nearly ALL are New)




Buy any 3 item(s), get another 1 item(s) free

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