Dark Myth

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Ankoku Shinwa - The Dark Myth was released in Japan in 1998 but was never available for the NES until now.  An exciting murder mystery with esoteric Buddhism, Japanese history and legend. 1600 years ago, Yamato the Brave dressed in a woman's disguise and defeated the Kumaso chief who swore vengeance upon Yamato and his decendants. 1600 years later, the dark God and his minions are manifesting to fulfill Kamaso's curse. You are known as Takeshi, Yamato's descendant, who is a young man setting out to solve his father's murder at the hands of a mysterious assailant.  Your goal is to receive the 8 chakra marks of the Serpant from the God Brahma, retrieve mystical items of the past and fight horrifying Minions in order to solve the murder in this grahic and text adventure.







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