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FF2US is a great game and has a great RPG game engine, however, the released version that we got always felt somewhat lacking and incomplete but full of potential. This hack rectifies that by adding a ton of additions to the base game while keeping the majority of the main story intact and the feel of FF2US the same. This hack can be viewed as a 'deluxe' version of FF2US. As for why the name Ultima? Growing up, Ultima has always been one of my favorite RPG series, coupled with the fact that Ultima Weapon makes an appearance in later FF games, I thought 'why not call this hack Ultima?' Hence the name of this hack:
Final Fantasy IV - Ultima
The vanilla version of FF2US is a very easy game, here's what I did to adjust the game's difficulty with this hack:
-Game starts off easy as in the original, maybe even easier as I added a bunch of new 'toys' to the game. :)
-About 1/3 into the game, the difficulty starts to increase slightly from the vanilla version.
-At around the events after the Sealed Cave, the game's difficulty ramps up.
-In the last dungeon, there will be parts that are very challenging. Casual players would likely hit a few roadblocks and might need to get a few levels or rethink their strategies. Veterans of the game should still have no problem beating it, however.
-Super secrets within the last dungeon will pose a challenge even to veterans of the game. Enjoy!!
Here's a list of features, additions and changes:
1) 24 New Weapons! Including Ultima Weapon!
2) 15 New Spells! Also revamped existing spells so the useless ones are now useful!
3) New Equipment Screen with DETAILED buffs and stats!! Plus new Armors and Gears.
4) New commands for characters and end-game party.
5) New events! New enemies! New secrets!! Brand new areas at endgame!!
6) 13 New bosses!!
7) Revamped shops/equipment and balanced their progression.
8) Dark Knight Cecil now dual-wields and is 2-handed!!
9) Edge is now buffed and very potent offensively!
10) Rydia has also been buffed(slightly). It's a surprise!
11) Cecil has been buffed as a tank. He's still strong offensively, but he's now able to block physical attacks for            wounded members without much problems. He also now has a slew of new defensive buffing spells and                commands.
12) Rosa can use more White Mage combative gears and a final white spell.
13) Kain has a few new offensive buffing white spells at endgame and new commands as he         rejoins the               team.
14) Rare items and summons now drop much easier! This hack is designed as a 'play-through' without grinding.
15) Many enemies now have meaningful rare drops, and all end-game enemies now have rare ultimate drops!
16) New thrown weapons and back-row weapons!
17) Lots of secrets that can lead to early acquirement of better equipment!
18) Few minor tweaks to the base game such as save points, etc.
19) Useless finds now replaced with good items or equipment!
20) All weapons/armors used by characters no longer in party are now usable by at least one character from the        end-game party!
21) MOST items/equipment are now non-missable. Meaning they will be acquirable in some ways at end-game.          (not including unique ones such as Excalibur, etc. so don't throw those for 100% games!)
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