Castlevania : The Holy Relics

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Castlevania : The Holy Relics


An all new Castlevania adventure is here on the NES! New stages, graphics, items, enemies, music and gameplay for Castlevania fans to enjoy.

Select from 5 exciting stages before reaching the final showdown with Lord Ghulash, an evil necromancer terrorizing Transylvania in the wake of Dracula’s defeat. It is up to Simon Belmont to rescue his homeland once again, this time from the perversion of the 7 Holy Relics. Collect all the relics to lift the curse, and use them to your advantage along the way.


Storyline :

"In 1291, the last of the crusaders attempted a raid on the holy 
land and were soundly defeated by Arabian warriors. While their 
mission failed, they returned to Europe with seven treasures 
with biblical blessings. On their journey back to their native 
lands, they discovered that they possessed magical healing powers. 
Corrupted and demoralized, they began using them for selfish desires, 
and sought to be worshiped with the help of a devil incarnate, Ba'Mendes. 
Their attempt at this also was also repelled by courage of good people, 
and they were exiled to the mountains of Transylvania to be forgotten.

Four hundred years later, it was rumored that these relics ended up in 
the possession of Count Dracula himself, and that they were among the 
many treasures in his opulent collection that gave him the power to 
oppress Transylvania with demons. After his defeat at the hands of 
Simon Belmont, however, his castle crumbled to a heap in the mountains, 
and the relics were thought to have never existed.

Shortly after, Lord Ghulash, an old acquaintance of Dracula who practiced 
necromancy at the academy of Scholomance, scavenged the ruins of Castlevania 
in search of the rumored relics, and found all but one. He started to use 
their powers to terrorize Transylvania much in the same way that Dracula 
had, resurrecting the souls of vile creatures and wicked men. The seventh 
relic, a cross that burns away demons, had secretly been in possession of 
the Belmont family for centuries.

Now, in 1693, Transylvania is once again infected by rampaging monsters 
under the command of a dark lord whose ambition is to enslave all of humanity. 
Simon, a proven hero, must once again deliver his homeland from the forces of evil."






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