Legend of Zelda: Dark Matter

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Two years ago, Link destroyed his dark self and Hyrule was restored once again. Now, Ganons Minions have settled their differences and are now good. Now thanks to Ganon's Ghost, Ganon rises from his grave and is more powerful than ever. However, not only has he taken the Triforce and Princess Zelda, he has also put Dark Matter all over Hyrule making whats now good, evil. Because of this, Link must find all of the pieces of the Triforce and stop the Dark Matter before Hyrule becomes history.


The Legend of Zelda: Dark Matter is a new Zelda hack by Author Actiongamer.  The game's overworld only features some minor changes but the levels are all in new places and the secrets are hidden much much better. The Dungeons have been almost completely redesigned and there is a new storyline.

Included with each game is a letter from the Author explaining more about the game and some hints. 









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