Mickey Mouse: Dream Balloon

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Mickey Mouse III: Balloon Dreams is a 1992 action video game released by Kemco for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan only. It is the third game in Kemco's series of video games starring Mickey Mouse Though, in addition to being the only game in the series not released on the Game Boy, it is also not of the same genre as the other four games in the series.


Mickey is selling balloons to buy Minnie a present, however Pluto told him (according to Mickey) that Minnie won't wake up. So, Mickey visits Minnie's house and along with Donald, tries to wake her up. When nothing works, Mickey decides he will enter her dreams. At the end, Minnie wakes up and thanks Mickey. But, Horned King dares Mickey to come to his castle because he doesn't believe in courage and love. After beating him, he understands the true meaning of courage and tells Mickey to protect Minnie.






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