Sansara Naga Limited Edition Box Set

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Sansara Naga is set in the fantasy filled lands of India during the Vedic aga and also mixes elements of Japanese folklore. The story revolves around a Boy/Girl stat steals a treasured Ostrich egg from the village of Orissa and decides to reflect upon ones actions: Aspiring to become a Dragoon to restore their lost honor. The protagonist will set out on an adventure saving lives, performing good deeds, and raising a newly hatched dragon.  There are bosses and many NPC street vendors will attempt to scam youwith defective items or mug you.  You will have FUN playing this classic game.


This set is Limited to 200 copies.  Each set includes the following


- The Game ( Numbered Cartridge)

- Sansara Naga Manual

- Current Flashback Poster

- Trading Cards

- Stickers





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