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The game begins with a man finding an unconscious Lina inverse and taking her back to his village. It quickly becomes clear that Lina has lost all her memories: she does not know who she is, or how to cast any but the most basic spells. Most of the game follows her adventures across different locations in the Slayers world. Gradually, Lina regains her spellcasting abilities and reunites with old friends and acquaintances from the novels. Eventually, Lina and her companions learn that the Greater Beast Zelas Metallium has been creating copies of her. When Lina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadiss confront Zelas, they learn that the reason Lina has lost her memories is that she is, in fact, one of the copies Zelas created; the real Lina is being held prisoner by Zelas. After defeating her, the original Lina is freed. At this point, the main story is over, but the game can be continued. The player picks a new name for Copy Lina, and can go on a quest to find and defeat Lei Magnus-Shabranigdu. Once Lei Magnus-Shabranigdu is slain, the game is officially over.

The player can have up to four characters (including Lina) in their party. These included almost all major positive characters from both the main novel series (Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadiss, Sylphiel, etc.) and from the Slayers Special series (Naga the Servant, Lemmy, etc.) at that time. For most of the game, the player has no control over who is or is not in their party, as characters will join and leave as the game's plot determines. However, after defeating Zelas Metallium, all characters who have been in the player's party will congregate at an inn in Tells City, enabling to freely pick three characters to re-join the party.







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