Super Demo World 3: The Legend Continues

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The authors present a truly challenging experience for the SMW connoisseur in this hack of the original. This game is not meant for the beginner nor the brute-force player: such players will feel frustrated with a difficulty ramp that progresses from "Hey! This is totally like SMW!" to "So I can't speed run this on the first try," to "State 0 saved," and "where's the FAQ for this level?" But the game is certainly doable and being clever is rewarded. A well-designed level map and levels that feature non-linear progression engage even the most serious players. The programming is solid (and the authors even talk about bugs they found before rolling out the final version). Artwork is good and the theme from the original SMW is sustained. But there are some things that can be seen as "problems," the worst being trial-and-error gameplay that asks Mario to, for instance, jump down pits in the hope of finding a bottom. (You'll want to explore the first castle a little bit for a message that can save you a lot of time!) Also, there is one mistake you don't want to make that will have you banging your head against the wall.... SMB3 players will notice a familiar progression: a grassy isle followed by desert, a world completely under water, and so on. The game is also very rich in symbol: what path is laid out after completing Misty Isle? Do the two moving clouds in one of the desert levels allude to something? What's with the red, green, and blue blocks in certain end-of-level backgrounds? Did a crescent moon (that's 3 UP) appear in the Sky World after finding the star road? And why red, green, yellow, and blue for the switch palaces? "Taken literally as a game," none of this seems very interesting.

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