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The Purpose of this new section is to show off games that people aren't very familiar with.  Everyone kows about "Mario Adventure" or "Zelda Outlands" .  But there are ALOT of games here at Flashback Entertainment that people don't know much about.   Thats what this page is for.  So each weekend  we will show off a new game for you to check out.

Week 3


Metroid Rogue Dawn


Metroid Rogue Dawn is an extensive hack of Metroid.  Featuring all new graphics, soundtrack, storeyline, weapons, and much more , this is the most extensive rom hack of Metroid ever made.The game is much much larger than the original.  If you like Metroid,your gonna LOVE Rogue Dawn.


Here's the Storyline you start off with. 

The Rogue Dawn story is a deviation from the “official” established Metroid gaming series & graphic novels. 

In this game you take on the role of Dawn Aran.  The first and only know human member of Ridley’s faction.  Raised by Ridley from before she can remember he has molded and manipulated her into his ultimate dark operative.  Primed yet untested she is sent out on her “zero” mission to retrieve a newly discovered biological specimen in the possession of a Federation research crew orbiting planet SR388.  This game is intended as a prequel and takes place just before the original Metroid.


To go to the product page to purchase Metroid Rogue Dawn you can click HERE or on one of the cartridge images below.



Alternate Label                                                                         Regular Label

Here are some screen shots






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