On this page I want to explain the things people ask us the most about.


- Do these games work on my aftermarket System (Retron5 , Retro Duo, Etc)

A:  We guarantee that each game will work on the original system.  The NES , SNES or Genesis.    We can not guarantee that they will all work on any aftermarket system.  Each system is different and we have no way to test them all.  So we ONLY guarantee that they will all 100% work on the original systems.  We are going to be making a Blog about the Retron5 compatibility found here , where we will be testing games over time and will be listing the games that work and don't work.


- What are the "Reward Points" ?  

A: The reward points are a points system that we created to give back to the customer.  Each time you make a purchase you will earn 5% of that purchase in Reward Points that will have a monetary value towards future orders.    Example:  If you spend $100 you will earn $5 in Reward Points that you will be able to apply towards future orders.   During checkout you will given the option to apply them at that time or save them for later.


- Why does Shipping take so long sometimes?

A:   Even though we would like to be able to ship all orders very quickly alot of the time this is not possible.   As of 9/1/2016 we are averaging 10 to 16 days from thre time you order you games to the time we ship them.  This is due to the custom nature of the product.  We offer "Custom" games, meaning people like to choose different colors, labels, graphics, etc.  This prohibits us from stocking large numbers of the games.  Each order is "Built on Demand" , meaning its built after its ordered. And as Flashback Entertainment gets more popular we have been receiving more and more orders.  It is due to the amouint of orders we have in front of us that determines how long the shipping time will be.  We post on the main Home page every week letting customers which orders we are processing at that time.  PLEASE ask questions if you have them.  Don't send us threatening emails. Your order will be cancelled and your payment refunded.  


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