Shipping & Returns

Please Allow up to 10 to 16 days (Buisness)  for shipping. Sometimes shipping will take a little longer if you have placed a large order or your order contains alot of "custom" aspects.  Be patient and ask questions if you have them.    We have been receiving so many orders as of late we've had to increase our shipping times to allow us time to fill all the orders..   When you place your order it will be marked as "Paid".  It will remain that way until the order is shipped at which time your order will be marked as "shipped" and a site update will be emailed out to you containing your tracking number.   PLEASE realize that these are handmade items. It takes the time it takes.

Sometimes we will have sales and when we do the shipping times could be longer. This is because each order is "built on demand" meaning the order is not built until it is placed   We don't stock larg numbers of games.  This is due to the custom nature of the product   Each customer want his or her order different. Different color , label or whatever the instance is this prohibits us from stocking large numbers of games.  Boxes , manuals and posters are different.  We have some of those  in stock all the time .  So order away!!!



RETURNS & REFUNDS ....... Please notify us of any problems with your order immediately. Please return any defective product within 7 days.  We will replace the defective item or if it can not be replaced we will refund your Payment

We WILL NOT refund becsuse of buyers remorse. All info is on the site.  Be sure to read everything before ordering.


SPECIAL ORDERS - special orders are NON-refundable.  If you contact us for a "Bulk Discount" or some other package deal,  these orders are NON refundable.




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