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No Regrets!
by: Nick L

Tuesday 17 April, 2018

First kudos to Ryan and Flashback for a stellar job. My first time purchasing, I bought Zelda: Shadow of Night and Megaman X: Age Of Wily(I opted for complete packages)for the
NES. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the crafsmanship, especially when I'm throwing down dollars(better be good,right?). Although they're not designed for clone systems and not guaranteed to work on them, mine played absolutely flawlessly on a 'Super Retro Trio Plus HD' clone system. It shouldn't, most clone systems have glitches or flaws when used, both played fine. That's a quality job, NOT a rush/easy money job like a lot of guys do. Was shipped well(in a box, not padded envelope) to insure safe arrival. The packaging? Well, the packaging was gorgeous and so were the extras ;)
I've ordered more as I write this. NO REGRETS!

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