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Just one word: Wow!
by: St├ęphane PONCET

Sunday 26 June, 2016

Flashback Entertainment aren't just selling great unreleased or modified games, they are passionate people putting a real craftsmanship in what they are doing. Every single cartridge is sheer perfection, even coming with a protective plastic sleeve. But the real deal is when you buy a complete box set. It feels like you bought a brand new game from the golden era! The box is made of top notch quality materials, so is the manual. Flashback Entertainment also add posters advertising their other games just like Nintendo did back in the days. The box itself is factory sealed, giving you the impression to have found a piece of dead stock forgotten at the back of an old video game store! I'm utterly amazed by the work accomplished there. This was my first time buying from this website, but I swear it's not the last! Such a great experience had to be shared, so if you're hesitating, you can be reassured, Flashback Entertainment are the best in the business.

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