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Best Quality Games
by: randall morrell

Friday 11 July, 2014

Iv purchased alot of games from this site and i can say first hand they are TOP QUALITY, and im talking like all of the ones i have bought (Under 20) but soon to be over 50....i am very comfortable in making large purchases with them because if anything goes wrong they are quick to fix the problem and also a great feature of there site is the custom game making.....YOU CAN ACTUALLY TAKE ANY GAME ROM (WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF THE CONSOLES THEY MAKE GAMES FOR) AND ASK FOR THEM TO PUT IT ON A CART.(as long as it never had a official US release, per Flashbacks rules). how many sites give you that option?? NONE that i know of which makes FLASHBACK #1 reproduction site iv ever came across, and iv searched and searched.....so thats what i think of them. THESE FLASHBACK GAMES ARE THE TOP OF THE LINE AS YOU WILL FIND OUT THERE. Pay for the name because its not going to frustrate you like a faulty game will when it freezes due to bad programing (They play and test all there games....)

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