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Very Satisfied Customer!
by: Eric Browning

Thursday 07 August, 2014

I have purchased two games from Flashback so far. The first was Final Fantasy III (NES) through E-bay over a year ago before they had a website. I was very impressed with the paint job and loved the detail in the label. It definitely sticks out in a positive way from my collection. I enjoyed playing that game very much.

I just recently received my second order, The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Night. Wow! Once again a superior paint job and the label quality was outstanding. I am glad I went with the silver cart, because the black label goes very well with it. I just wish the game wasn't so unforgiving.

If I were to offer criticism, I would say it would be nice if all of the carts had the Nintendo Seal of Quality (or a reproduction one) on it. It gives it that official look. Even with that being said, great work guys! I will definitely be purchasing form you in the future.


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