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Unmatched Quality

Wednesday 23 September, 2015

If you are into complete box sets then look no further. Flashback's complete sets are better than original packaging! Legend of Link and Zelda Stone Tablets sets are just amazing quality. Everything is perfect, box, manual, posters, its a collector's dream. Just excellent work, you can tell a lot of passion goes into their products.
Testimonial By: Christopher Veach — Tuckahoe, NJ, United States — Innova X5

Worth it

Saturday 19 September, 2015

Best place to get quality romhack and repro carts. On top of that their speedy and responsive customer service just makes me want to reccommend this site more. :D
Testimonial By: Joshua Trent — Huntington, WV, United States

Too Good To Be True.

Thursday 17 September, 2015

I ordered Super Tecmo Bowl 2015, Super Mario Brothers 3 Mix, and Legend of Zelda Outlands for Nes. Everything I ordered was custom and made correctly and looks great. The games I ordered all worked perfectly with no issues. I own a Retron 1 and the games all work in there as well if anyone had questions about that. I can't wait to purchase more. Thank you Flashback Entertainment for the quality and service you provide!
Testimonial By: Jason Harson — Portage, MI, United States

Reliable Service

Sunday 06 September, 2015

With video game conventions spreading around the USA territory, I have to rely on Flashback Entertainment to commission my custom rom hack I designed into a game cartridge to play on a game console. Carrying a custom cartridge in my hands feels like carrying a music instrument to entertain the fans and also made me one of the great artists. Flashback Entertainment handle excellent service, quality and timing just in time to bring it to video game conventions if you order very early.

Even if I had my dirty SNES console, testing a game cartridge feels so fresh and brand new without any difficulties. Try it out! You will be pleased if you ask Flashback Entertainment to make you a cartridge of your game to show it to your fans in video game conventions.
Testimonial By: Rondell Mole — Bronx, NY, United States — Insectduel's Domain

Fond Memories

Saturday 25 July, 2015

I recently ordered Zelda Outlands after seeing the game on AVGN. Zelda Outlands reminded me of Zelda on the NES, one of my favorite games when I was growing up. At first I was not sold on this website, or on the game itself. You see a lot of Repro sites on the internet, and most of them suck. But, after seeing the quality of my order, and the time and energy that went into getting it right and beautiful game, I can say that I like and will only order games through Flashback Entertainment! Thank you for bringing back a fond memory!
Testimonial By: Rodney Prince — Milford, NE, United States

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