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First Time Buyer, Life Time Customer

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

I can't believe the quality of these products, the packaging, the color choices, the translation, the extras!! They even contacted me to make sure my requests were meet and what I would prefer, and best of all the price of a complete in-the-box game. I bought Treasure of the Rudras and Secret of Mana 2, I will definitely buy again after I tell all my friends about how awesome these guys are. Seriously thank you guys and I cant wait to see what your going to put out next. ~jcs
Testimonial By: James Salazar — Portland, TX, United States

Insanely Great!

Tuesday 16 February, 2016

I've bought three games for the snes from flashback and ive had more fun playing them than any game ive ever played!! The games are amazing, but also the service is great! the last game I bought from them for some reason wasn't working, so I told them and they sent me a replacement the next day!! I LOVE FLASHBACK ENTERTAINMENT!!
Testimonial By: Mitchell Darden — Charlotte, NC, United States


Tuesday 03 November, 2015

I have never seen such quality! Excellent products, i have ordered several nes games and im very happy and satisfied with the reproductions. Now i can enjoy them with my analogue nt.... The customer service is also very good. The unique claim is that the products takes time till delivery but it is understandable due to the huge amount of orders ( normal as the quality and reputation is very high). Best regards from Spain!
Testimonial By: Dieter Fink — Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Beyond Expectations!

Thursday 29 October, 2015

I was hesitant to order as a first time customer, but I gave Flashback a chance. The wait, just as I was informed, was about a month. Once completed, my order was shipped and received in about a week. I was taken back by Flashback's beautiful and immaculate work. They take a lot of pride and care in their product, and it REALLY shows! I'm looking forward to doing business again in the future. :)
Testimonial By: Patrick Brus — Victoria, BC, Canada

Amazing Service

Wednesday 28 October, 2015

I bought a game from them that had a saving issue and sent a email to Flashback, within minutes he messaged me back and provided excellent customer service in helping me find a quick solution to the problem. I just ordered 3 more games from then knowing that if anything is wrong with them it will be handled in a professional and prompt manner. Big thanks to everyone at Flashback for giving me a chance to experience all new games on my favorite system ever made.
Testimonial By: Devon Zapata — Lockhart, TX, United States — UFAME

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