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Awesome quality and service!

Wednesday 22 February, 2017

I ordered The Rockman 4 and Hyper Metroid CIB sets and am very pleased with the quality of the products. The manuals, game boxes, and carts are all amazingly done and very impressive. I can honestly say these game boxes are even better quality than Timewalk's were(which is saying something.)Flashback is certainly my go to for retro game hacks now. I have noticed that the games don't work on my Retron 5, but that's fine, I have an original NES and SNES packed up in my closet I can dig out. I'm also impressed with Ryan, guy emails back faster than superman.
Testimonial By: Lee Nunn — Flowood, MS, United States

Final Fantasy 7 NES

Tuesday 18 October, 2016

Very high quality label, fast shipping, game works flawlessly. Folks at Flashback are always quick to respond to emails and questions, highly recommended.
Testimonial By: Owen Diamond — Sierra Vista, AZ, United States

Just one word: Wow!

Sunday 26 June, 2016

Flashback Entertainment aren't just selling great unreleased or modified games, they are passionate people putting a real craftsmanship in what they are doing. Every single cartridge is sheer perfection, even coming with a protective plastic sleeve. But the real deal is when you buy a complete box set. It feels like you bought a brand new game from the golden era! The box is made of top notch quality materials, so is the manual. Flashback Entertainment also add posters advertising their other games just like Nintendo did back in the days. The box itself is factory sealed, giving you the impression to have found a piece of dead stock forgotten at the back of an old video game store! I'm utterly amazed by the work accomplished there. This was my first time buying from this website, but I swear it's not the last! Such a great experience had to be shared, so if you're hesitating, you can be reassured, Flashback Entertainment are the best in the business.
Testimonial By: St├ęphane PONCET — France

Very high quality

Wednesday 27 April, 2016

I just recently ordered 3 games from Flashback, not really knowing what to expect. I had read about the superior quality of the games, so I was optimistic for sure. When I received them, I was blown away. The care put into the labels on the carts themselves is outstanding. Each game worked perfectly the first time I turned my machine on. This was not always the case with other repros I had purchased. I will be a life long customer here.

Pros: Cart quality is outstanding. Each game was packaged very neatly and protected with wrapping. Games worked right away on the first try.

Cons: The only thing I will list here is the time it took to get the games. With that being said, they make each game to order, so it makes sense that it would take time. When you see the final package, it is all worth it!
Testimonial By: Kyle Kuznacic — Menasha, WI, United States

Freakin Awesome!!!

Tuesday 26 April, 2016

When I stumbled across home-brew games and then quickly this site, I had some apprehension mixed with my excitement. I emailed a bunch of questions to better understand how these games work and such. Ryan was fast and thorough in responding and I decided to take the chance on "The Lost Adventures of Super Mario World", and let me say, the packaging was top notch, the quality is amazing, and the game is hella fun!!! Ryan was great at answering some more questions I had about some other games and because of the fantastic experience I had up to this point, I ordered "Luigi and the Island of Mystery" box set. Again, AMAZING!!! Top notch quality and tons of fun!!! I will be making a number of future purchases and completely recommend this site!!! A note: These are very cool games and we are spoiled to be able to have access to things like this. To wait 3 weeks to a month is not a big deal, so stay off their case and remember you are getting an amazing product backed by...
Testimonial By: Jordan Coffman — Vancouver, WA, United States

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