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better than i thought.

Monday 31 July, 2017

I order Conkers high rule tail. and I got it in 4 weeks. and so far the game is amazing. and I will cont. with flashback for other games.the ony issue is I choose black for my cart and I can smell the spay paint on it. but in time that smell will go away so really its not an issue. it still a great buy I just wish there was a box and manual for the game.all in all A++++++
Testimonial By: tim howell — westford, MA, United States

Works like A Charm!

Wednesday 19 July, 2017

I first came across this site by chance and today, I have just got my Super Mario Unlimited and it is awesome! The amount of care put into making this was unlike any other that I have seen! Thank you so much!
Testimonial By: Steven Brautigan — Pompton Lakes, NJ, United States — StevenNES80'sinc

This is the highest quality you can get.

Thursday 06 July, 2017

I received my Sweet Home complete box set and it's perfect. Plays smooth and looks ever smoother. I'm so happy. Flashback Entertainment is by far the best quality repro you can find. I've gone to other sites and nothing compares. The new box has the new box smell and all the nostalgic wonder comes back once you hold the cart and plug it in. Thank you very much for existing. I'll be back. Looking to score a collectors set of Legend of Link once I have some more hobby funds set aside. Take care and best wishes.
Testimonial By: David Ridings — pleasant hill, CA, United States

This is How It's Done!

Monday 19 June, 2017

I'm beyond thrilled with my purchase! I bought a CIB set and the attention to detail is phenomenal. The cart itself is built great and plays perfectly. I will definitely be ordering again!
Testimonial By: John Hyde — WARMINSTER, PA, United States

Freaking Amazing!

Thursday 18 May, 2017

I ordered the complete edition of Earthbound Uncut. When it came in, I instantly fell in love with it. The manual is handy, the box is well made, and the bonus stuff was cool.

As I've been playing it, I've noticed that it's much better than the first bootleg I bought. No sprite issues, certain things appear when they're supposed to, and Porky's name is, well, Porky. Like it's supposed to be!

Definitely the best buy I've made for a retro game. Now to procure a copy of Secret of Mana 2...
Testimonial By: Joey Lawless

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