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BS Zelda Maps 1 & 2

Thursday 01 March, 2018

This is my first reproduction cart and it won't be my last. It looks incredible, like an official release, feels great to hold, and the game works fantastically on my Retron 3. Ryan was quick to respond to any questions I had via email and I am beyond satisfied with my final result. Thanks Flashback!
Testimonial By: Rob — York, Toronto, ON, Canada

Awesome work.

Wednesday 04 October, 2017

Received my second order from Flashback, and I've got to say, I was excited opening the package with this one as I was my first order. The game looks great, and plays with no issue on my NES. The work the Flashback team does is amazing, and the quality of the carts are top of the line. I think next time I'm going to have to go for a Complete in Box game. If just the carts are this amazing, I can only imagine how the boxes, manuals and everything are! Keep up the awesome work!
Testimonial By: Dustin Richardson — KS, United States

A Retro Collector's Dream

Saturday 09 September, 2017

Flashback games is by far the best reproduction site ever. Their CIBs are all-out, with posters, trading cards, maps, and so much more. Not only that, but for the Japan-only games, Flashbacks manuals are translated directly from the original ones. The whole package feels authentic and in some ways better than an original game. So if you're a fan of retro games at all, then do yourself a favor and try out Flashback Entertainment. Don't be a tuna head!
Testimonial By: Noah Exor — Bethesda, MD, United States

Freaking great!

Sunday 27 August, 2017

At first, I was unsure about the box sets, but I opted to give Flashback a try with some birthday money. I was blown away with the quality. First, opening new boxed games for the first time in 20+ years was a great experience. Second, the production value and quality was amazing. The games feel solid and the box art is fantastic. The games I ordered play flawlessly on both my original NES as well as my backup clone systems. Flashback has chosen a great set of games to offer, and I cherish the experience of being able to experience completely new NES and SNES games with my young children for the first time.
Testimonial By: John Gaynor — CA, United States

looking forward

Monday 31 July, 2017

such a great job I wanted to add another test. I am looking forward til my next game or games purchase. just to got to save $$$ than I will do business again with flashback.
Testimonial By: tim howell — westford, MA, United States

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